… Now

If you recall last time I pulled an old model off the shelf and decided to see how far I had come in the last 20 or so years. Additionally, I wanted to push my contrasts further than I normally do.

After a couple of nights of work – here are the results.

Then ... and Now

I am VERY happy with the results. The sword is likely the best I have ever done – and I can really see how shading as much as I have, and going as dark as I have (for me) really improve the end result.

I am least happy with the cloth – the red is something I want to use on other models, but I’m not happy about the transition to yellow – I want it to remain red. I think next time I may use an orange as the first highlight, rather than yellow and that should keep it closer to what I am after.

Let me know what you think!

… Now