Then …

After spending a month painting Convergence of Cyriss warcaster commissions (with much success) I thought I needed a palette cleanser before starting afresh on my own models.

Dually inspired by this thread about revisiting old models on the Oz Painter’s forum and this thread about painting with contrast on Hand Cannon Online website I thought I’d pull out some old models I had lying around to use as practice for improving my model contrast.

I present one of my first ever painting efforts. If you recognise the model, +5 Internet Points for you! For the less enlightened, it is an Orc from the original Hero Quest board game. Officially my gateway game to fantasy novels, Dungeon’s and Dragons, other RPGs, painting, computer games and general nerdom.

I’ll let you bask in its glory for a while.



Wow. For reference, this was likely painted in 1993, when I was in Grade 10 – and approximately 21 years ago. If memory serves, I was using Tamiya Color Enamel, as I distinctly recall the paint tins and the smell of mineral turpentine.

Stay with me as I dig out the same model and paint it anew, and let’s see how far I’ve come.

Then …

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