Painting Progress

I’ve been looking at my back-log of painting and thinking about the best way to tackle it in 2014.

Thanks to Forward Kommander I now have an accurate way to track my faction breakdown, and here it is:


  • Cygnar – 53% (of 15 models)
  • Cryx – 0% (of 0 models)
  • Protectorate of Menoth – 100% (of 5 models)
  • Khador – 100% (of 17 models)
  • Retribution of Scyrah – 50% (of 36 models)
  • Convergence of Cyriss – 100% (of 2 models)
  • Mercenaries – 40% (of 5 models)


  • Circle Orboros – 90% (of 10 models)
  • Legion of Everblight – 70% (of 124 models)
  • Trollbloods – 88% (of 9 models)
  • Skorne – 83% (of 53 models)
  • Minions – 57% (of 14 models)

What to tackle first? I want to finish off Cygnar first; that gets me my full Operation Stormy Seas 50pts completed and means I can put that scheme to bed (as tempted as I am to expand it!). I think I’ll then knock off Circle and maybe Skorne to get those ones to bed. After that, it gets fuzzy. Retribution is caught between a scheme that works, and a scheme that I like. They may be stripped yet and re-painted, I have over Christmas to decide. Legion has some second-hand models in it which I need to strip properly before I can start them – and I’m a bit over the scheme right now. Trollbloods has a Mountain King to do, and I’m leaving that for now since I want to try and come up with a scheme for them. I like the one I did for the battle-box, but I think it’s a bit passive when scaled right up to a gargantuan (that, and it’s very similar to my Legion skin tones).

How do you think I’ll go? I think I’ll likely buy more models tonight (Silver Line and a Stormtower is calling me for Cygnar).

Painting Progress

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