Spring Rampage

On Saturday just gone a local store held its latest in a series of Spring Rampage events. The idea of the rampage was to start small and work up to 50pt events over the course of spring. Rather than having prizes for each event, you would earn tickets for a raffle to be held during the final event. You’d get tickets for playing, but also for doing things like killing all solos, playing fully painted, playing tiered, etc.

I took two lists:

Vayl1 – 2x Ravagore, Angelius, Scythean, Legionnaires, Spawning Vessel, 2x Forsaken

Thagrosh2 – 2x Scythean, Seraph, Carnivean, 5x Shredder, 2x Forsaken

I have not played a lot of 50pt games, let alone 50pt tournament games, so this was going to be very interesting. There was an incentive to alternate lists, so that is what I did.

Round 1 – Morvahna the Autumblade (0-1)

For a definition of recursion, see recursion.
if I didn’t already think that zealots were the cockroaches of the Warmachine universe, my next bet would be Bloodtrackers with Witch Doctor and Morvahna. I was woefully under-prepared for this list and it tore me a new one. Out of spite, and with spiked dice, I one-rounded the Stalker with Ravagore shots.

Round 2 – Archdomina Makeda (0-2)

Nothing good can come of leaving a straight line between yourself and Molik Khan. I over-committed heavies to the Cetrati, hoping to clear them quickly and then pressure Makeda with sprays and two beasts. They were too hard to kill and it left me with little to block Molik from walking across the zone and stabbing Thagrosh with pointy things. Archidon finished him off.


Round 3 – Feora, Protector of the Flame (1-2)

Brett and I always have great games. This one went to dice down, and we both were surprised. A grindy game where aggressive Ravagores helped clear off the opposing Reckoners. Spawning Vessel was left in the open and got taken out early which meant I had to play more conservatively. Legionnaires tied up the Temple Flameguard long enough for me to clear the left flank. 



Round 4 – Warwitch Deneghra (1-3)

Who, in their right mind, brings 53 infantry models! Madness!


This was a long, tough game. Incorporeal models are hard to remove, so I just got up there and did what I could. I was coming back well, with most of the banes destroyed as Thagrosh got busy, but I was tied down for most of the game and locked out of the zones. Deneghra was running scared (that’s what I tell myself) before dice down was called.


Spring Rampage

Painting Progress

I’ve been looking at my back-log of painting and thinking about the best way to tackle it in 2014.

Thanks to Forward Kommander I now have an accurate way to track my faction breakdown, and here it is:


  • Cygnar – 53% (of 15 models)
  • Cryx – 0% (of 0 models)
  • Protectorate of Menoth – 100% (of 5 models)
  • Khador – 100% (of 17 models)
  • Retribution of Scyrah – 50% (of 36 models)
  • Convergence of Cyriss – 100% (of 2 models)
  • Mercenaries – 40% (of 5 models)


  • Circle Orboros – 90% (of 10 models)
  • Legion of Everblight – 70% (of 124 models)
  • Trollbloods – 88% (of 9 models)
  • Skorne – 83% (of 53 models)
  • Minions – 57% (of 14 models)

What to tackle first? I want to finish off Cygnar first; that gets me my full Operation Stormy Seas 50pts completed and means I can put that scheme to bed (as tempted as I am to expand it!). I think I’ll then knock off Circle and maybe Skorne to get those ones to bed. After that, it gets fuzzy. Retribution is caught between a scheme that works, and a scheme that I like. They may be stripped yet and re-painted, I have over Christmas to decide. Legion has some second-hand models in it which I need to strip properly before I can start them – and I’m a bit over the scheme right now. Trollbloods has a Mountain King to do, and I’m leaving that for now since I want to try and come up with a scheme for them. I like the one I did for the battle-box, but I think it’s a bit passive when scaled right up to a gargantuan (that, and it’s very similar to my Legion skin tones).

How do you think I’ll go? I think I’ll likely buy more models tonight (Silver Line and a Stormtower is calling me for Cygnar).

Painting Progress