Operation Stormy Seas

I grabbed a Stormwall over 12 months ago, but only recently unboxed it. Partially because I was not sure how I planned to paint it, partially because the model intimidated me a little. Once I decided to work on it, I thought about how much I would want to play it – and Operation Stormy Seas was born.

The scheme came out of a desire to try something more grey scale in an effort to work on my contrast, shading and highlighting. After using this scheme across a couple of models in this army, I have now started going darker with many of my shades on other models. I think I’ll also start going brighter too.

I use 11 paints in total.

  • Abaddon Black (GW)
  • Eshin Grey (GW)
  • Dawnstone (GW)
  • Administratum Grey (GW)
  • White (Vallejo)
  • Leadbelcher (GW)
  • Mithril Silver (GW)
  • Balthasar Gold (GW)
  • Armour Wash (P3) and/or Heavy Body Black Wash (Secret Weapon)
  • Agrax Earthshade (GW)
  • Cygnar Blue Highlight

Before we get to the pictures, this is the army that I will be using with the Stormwall – see if you can spot a theme. I’ll add the rest of the models as I paint them.

@ 25pts – General Adept Nemo, Stormwall, Centurion, 3x Stormsmith Stormcaller

@ 35pts –¬†General Adept Nemo, Stormwall, Centurion, 3x Stormsmith Stormcaller, Stormclad

@ 50pts –¬†General Adept Nemo, Stormwall, Centurion, 6x Stormsmith Stormcaller, Stormclad, Ironclad, Journeyman Warcaster

Stormwall CenturionGeneral Adept NemoLightning PodsStormsmith Stormcaller

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Operation Stormy Seas

One thought on “Operation Stormy Seas

  1. I really love that color scheme! I know what you mean about colossals, my Conquest is still in pieces and partially painted. Impressive models, but definitely work-intensive to get together and painted.

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