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Today was Day 2 of WinterCon, the little sibling of CanCon. Day 1 was a more serious 50pt Steam Roller event and today was a more casual 25pt Mangled Metal / Tooth and Claw event. Despite knowing about this event for months, I’d never really given much thought going – the TO contacted me and one successful guilt trip later – I was registered.

My intention going in was to have some fun – its a casual-ish format, I knew most of the people who were playing and there was nothing at stake. Despite that I knew I wanted to take competitive lists and I flip-flopped for at least a week trying to come up with lists I liked. Lylyth3 was on the cards for a while, but I didn’t have a second Angelius painted. In the end I decided to make one list anti-Hordes, and the other list anti-Warmachine.

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight
– Carnivean
– 2x Scythean
– Shredder

This was my anti-Hordes lists, and the caster I am more familiar with. With Chiller and Incite I could dish out some serious damage and Rampager and Talion to add insult to injury.

Absylonia, Terror of Everblight
– Archangel
– Scythean

I like Abby with the Archangel, and I was hoping that Warmachine factions would not be able to 1-round it so that I could retaliate and heal afterwards. I didn’t have enough to take advantage of Carnivore and Playing God, but Blight Field would be useful.

Let’s see how I went …

Round 1 – General Adept Sebastian Nemo
– Thunderhead
– Centurion
– Stormclad

Sam played a really aggressive game – using Energiser and Polarity shield to get up there quickly and deny me the charge – something I really need to get. With nothing else to do, I had the Archangel take advantage of Nemo with no focus to strafe 4 shots into his scrawny hide. I scored a hit, applied Critical Fire and dug in to weather the counter-punch. Fire left Nemo on 1, and the Thunderhead threw the Scythean away to clear the charge lane for the Stormclad. Abby was parked on her flag, and within striking distance. Two charges and a transfer later, she was still alive. Archangel flew behind the Thunderhead and shot Nemo to make sure.

Round 2 – Goreshade the &%^&^%^%% Annoying
– Deathjack
– Defiler
– Reaper
– Slayer

So typical of Cryx to bring Banes to a Mangled Metal format!
In hindsight, I grabbed the wrong list. With 3 heavies in both of Jon’s lists, I should have looked to match up. I killed the Defiler early, but committed the Scythean to tease out the Reaper and Slayer. Deathjack took care of him, and in the counter-attack the Archangel only managed to do about 12pts of damage in 7 attacks. Yep, the dice were that horrid. I was really hoping to kill the Deathjack AND the Reaper that turn. Goreshade denied me my feat, and it was going to be uphill from here. Abby killed 3 of the Banes and kept enough to transfer – that was the plan before she took a Slayer in the face.

Round 3 – Kaya the Moonhunter
– Pureblood Warpwolf
– Feral Warpwolf
– Gorax
– Laris
– Winter Argus

Finally an opportunity to play Vayl!
Paris was super-aggressive, using his feat to get over the half-way line before the end of Turn 2. I knew what the plan was though, so unless the dice failed me, I knew I should be able to kill both heavies on the same turn. Chiller was up and I went for broke. Vayl cast Incite (god I love that spell), Rampagered the Pureblood (Paris has forgot to warp for Spell Ward) – who turned around and tried to attach Kaya – but she was sneaky and hard to hit. Scythean #1 put both Laris and the Feral under Chiller and all but killed both … dice were looking shaky. Carnivean, under Incite killed the Pureblood and left Laris on 1pt. With time running out, I used my extension and charged the Gorax with Scythean #2. 3 mins later, I’d killed the Gorax, killed the Feral and was just about to roll the chain-attack into Kaya when the timer went off!

Laris went for a “Hail Mary” play, and it looked promising when I missed the first free strike, but the second one smooshed the puppy and the game was done. Paris was a super-fun opponent and I wish him well for trying to build his local Geelong community.

Round 4 – Commander Coleman Stryker
– Ol’ Rowdy
– 2x Hunter
– Lancer
– Charger

Bobby is one of my favourite opponents, and he’d had a fantastic day going 2-1 with some really long and grinding matches. The key for this match was taking out Ol’ Rowdy, but I got so focused on clearing a path, I almost let Stryker achieve a scenario victory. The Hunters peppered Absylonia, so I shot one with the Archangel to teach it a lesson. Damn thing kept a cortex though, so I had to leave them alone while I focused on the Lancer and Charger and watched Rowdy skirt around the edge.

Stryker’s feat turn was non-eventful, but I did push my beasts a little hard in order to put a couple of boxes on the lights. The Scythean made two threshold checks this game – and the last one allowed him to get within 4 of the flag and stop the control points from accumulating. The Archangel abused a Blight Fielded Rowdy while Abby moved to dominate her own flag. Bobby moved the injured Hunter up to counter-contest, but Abby killed it next turn. With the Scythean in Stryker’s face but having an uphill battle to beat-face, I played the safer game and used the Archangel to fly at the remaining Hunter and get the alternate victory condition.

I finished the game at 3-1, and snuck into 3rd place!

Thanks to Andrew for running WinterCon, and all my opponents today. The vibe in the room was great, and there were some nail-biting battles, even at 25pts.


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