Retribution of Scyrah Battle Box

Retribution of Scyrah Battle Box

I took a badly needed week off of work, and this battle box was on my list of things to conquer. I’d already painted up Kaelyssa (see previous posts), so it was time to suck it up and paint the myrmidons.

While Kaelyssa focused on painting with thin layers, I found myself slipping back into blends and mixes. It did, then, take me a bit longer to paint – but I was really feeling the curves in these models and quite enjoyed the challenge. I’m trying out water effects for the first time, which is why the bases are not on two of the models. I’m trying to evoke a feeling of these guys on the edge of an overgrown river or creek.

The Chimera has a blue arm and leg because I’ve attempted to show off its “Apparition” ability – the blue is to indicate it either going, or coming out of it’s apparition state. I likely should have gone with an inverse-method (painting white as the shade) as it does represent the ghostly state better – but I’d already painted 90% of the model by the time I chose to try this out, and did not want to try and put down a solid coat of white over the top. Unless you know the model, you likely don’t know what I’m trying to convey – but I do like how the effect turned out, and it gives me hope I can do some OSL at some point.

I was worried that the brown scheme would not translate well onto the larger models. They certainly have little contrast, but I do like the visual pop of the lime shoulders. I think I’m going to like having this army on the table, now to hold off buying more stuff until I have what I have painted.

Retribution of Scyrah Battle Box

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