Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper – Painting Guide – Part 3 (End)

It’s taken me a couple of days to get this post together; I got side-tracked finishing off a Griffon for Kaelyssa.
In this entry we’ll finish the details and base the model.


Mithril Silver (Citadel), Warlock Bronze (Citadel), Gehenna’s Gold (Citadel), Agrax Earthshade (Citadel), Armour Wash, Rucksack Tan.
Kaelyssa - Stage 5 - Details

Left 1
I base all the leather pouches, straps and holsters in Rucksack Tan. It’s a warm brown and does not clash with the other browns and greens that I have used. I also paint the strap on the goggles.

Left 2
Now I do all the metals, including the goggle lens, arrow shafts and rivet’y things. Iron-based metals are given a coat of Mithril Silver, the Gold-y metals are given a base coat of Warplock Bronze. This will be the only time I don’t use P3 paints – I had a bad experience with them a few years back and switched to Citadel. I’ve heard their formula is better, but have not tried it. For coverage on golds you will want to base coat the areas with a brown (I usually use Battlefield Brown) as it gives a much better result (and is easier to apply) than multiple layers (or a single THICK layer) of gold. Here I have chosen Warlock Bronze – but don’t ask my why. I never planned for a secondary metallic and just grabbed the first pot I could see. I likely should have just used the silver.

Metallics are not my favourite thing to paint – I either make it too thin (metal paints don’t thin well, in my experience) or too thick. I really should learn how to use Non-Metal Metallics instead.

Left 3
Wash! Leather gets a heavy couple of coats of Agrax Earthshade (Devlun Mud). Metals get a coat of Armour Wash. You’ll want both to be quick dark and heavy to really bring out the details. You can see where I got sloppy with the application and my brush touched the right leg. Detail is not the part I like doing, so I tend to rush it – and these things happen, actually costing me time over all because I have to go back and re-do that area. Learn from my mistakes – and TAKE IT SLOW.

Here we can see the base and the highlights. Once the washes are dry I use the corresponding base colour as a single level of highlight. On areas this small you can get away wit only one highlight.

This is actually the second base I made for Kaelyssa. My first was an abomination (it was some badly coloured ‘pavers’ sunken into some grass – not a bad concept, but the execution was … lacking). The base was some spare yellow foam cut into roughly cube shapes and then torn apart and stacked to look less like a wall and more like a pile. I base coated with Hammerfall Khaki, added daubs of Wurm Green and Battlefield Brown to add discolouration. The entire thing was washed with Agrax Earthshade then highlighted with Hammerfall Khaki again. Without that light, it does not look as wet.

Completed Model

Kaelyssa - Completed

Wrap Up

And here we are. The detailing look longer than it took to do the cloak, because it is more fiddly, I had to wait for washes to dry and then I had to make the base. I think all up, the model look between 5 and 6 hours from start to finish.

I hope you got something out of this series. Questions and feedback are welcomed – just leave a comment.

Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper – Painting Guide – Part 3 (End)

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