Blighted Nyss Shepherd and Succubus

Support ModelsA composite post this time – since I took a shot of all my support models at once. Nothing new on the scheme here, except that I’ve switched to using Exile Blue as my shade on flesh, similar to what I did with the Archangel. Not being a mix, it is faster and easier to work with, and gives me a very nice, semi-translucent/cold feel, which I like. The arms on the Succubus were annoying to put on, each one having to be attached separately. I tried to pin one what I did have trouble with, and I think it isn’t as flush as it could be – not that it is obviously. I also tried to pin the staff-arms on the Shepherds, and totally ruined on arm (they were too small, it seems, for the pins I was using). I’ve layered on the glue, so it should hold.


Blighted Nyss Shepherd and Succubus

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