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Ever since the first teasers of this sculpt came out I’ve wanted to buy and paint it. Even if I never played Legion again, I’d keep this model. It is a fantastic sculpt, though a challenge to work with due to the sheer size and number of pointy bits.

I started with my standard Legion scheme, but wanted to try something different with the flesh. On previous models I’d worked on, I’d felt unsatisfied with how the flesh tones had some out. I was trying to work with a custom purple mix (based on the suggested colours in one of the PP books) and it wasn’t really gelling for me. This time around I chose to work with Exile Blue straight from the pot and I really like how it worked. An added bonus was that due to needing multiple nights to complete the models, I didn’t have to worry about mixing up fresh batches and hoping the colours matched.

The wings worked out marvelously (going from Beaten Purple, through Frostbite Blue up to White), but it was a challenge to get the blending happening on such a large scale. Up close you can really see where one each colour is, but from a distance you get the full effect.  I tried layering “stripes” perpendicular to the blend to break up the lines and add some interest – I think it worked.

I’ve also not been happy with the scales I’ve painted on the other models. While they’ve been quick to paint, they often felt weak. Cruising the PP painting forums, I’ve seen people apply a stripy technique which I liked and tried to replicate. It worked out best on the head (especially on the chin), as it has the largest surfaces to work with, but I really like how the chest-plates came out. The smaller scales on the knees and hands came out a bit rough (I was experiencing model-fatigue by this stage)

All done, it didn’t take me very long to paint. I estimate 15+, but under 20 hours. It was very much a rushed job and I had some serious fatigue going towards the end. I wanted to have it to play a game with tonight, and I’d been intimidated from starting for over a week because I didn’t want to stuff it up. Sometimes it’s best to just suck it up and put paint to model and see where the journey ends.

Oh, and for reference – here are ALL the colours I used.

  • Frostbite Blue
  • Beaten Purple
  • Exile Blue
  • Ironhull Grey
  • ‘Jack Bone
  • White
  • Black
  • Agrax Earthshade (Citadel)

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