Blackfrost Shard


I grabbed these guys at Cancon. I had no direct need for them, but they have been on my list of models I’d like to try (and paint) for a while. I like the idea of the character units, and the fluff and art for this unit is top-notch. In the art, the 3 brothers are posed close together, and I wanted to try to achieve the same thing in their bases. I took a large piece of foam and laid it over the bases while they were in formation, marking straight lines to cut. In this fashion the bases would all align to form a meta-base for display.

Ironically, the unit itself gets no bonus for being in base-to-base.

The scheme is nothing special, as it uses my standard Legion of Everblight scheme that I started in the Journeyman League last year. Its fast, and easy to paint. About the only difference is that I used more of the “bone” colour than I normally would, just to add some contrast to the grey. Their cloaks came out very well (IMO), and really benefited from the use of the wet palette. I think the faces lack a bit of definition and I could likely go darker with the shadows if I painted them again.

They are, without doubt, one of the most annoy models to paint – even more so than the Black 13th. Why? Because their cloaks flow in and around the model, making some tight areas to try and get paint to. Still, once I had the base colours down, the models finished very nicely.

Blackfrost Shard