Cancon 2013 – Day 1

Australia Day.

Typically a day for the expression of patriotic feelings – usually involving BBQs, beers, the Hottest 100 and sport. Not so for this new breed of nerd who (of their own free will) decides to spend 3 days locked in humid tin sheds with sweaty individuals rolling dice and moving little metal men around a table.

Last year I observed from the sidelines, content to ebb and flow around the pavilions, browsing the stalls, watching games and taking in demos. This year, as a newly minted PG, I thought I should jump in. With that goal in mind, I signed up to participate in the “Punch Bowl” – a version of the Iron Arena which I hoped would source me with casual games and the opportunity to pick up lewts. One of the benefits was that if an event was short, or not filled, I would have the opportunity to jump in and play – and this is what happened.

[Disclosure: photo dump is at the end]

I started the day by helping to checking off lists for registration for the main event, “The Usual” (have you noticed a theme yet?). After an hour, the second event was to start “Fluffy (& Furious) Duck”; a Hordes only companion event to “Voltaic Screwdriver” (you’ve GOT to have gotten the event naming theme by now). The Usual had 54 of the 64 places filled, Fluffy had 11 of the 16 places – which meant I could jump in with 2 mins to prepare lists and participate. I believe that Voltaic had 14 of the 16 places filled.

I only had a small amount of time to prepare a list, and COMPLETELY forgetting the list I have been practicing, and that it was 35pts (Winds of Change, Absylonia Tier 4), I went with my stalwart Thagrosh2 list – if nothing else it would be an entertaining day.

Thagrosh2 – Typhon, Ravagore, 2x Forsaken, 6x Shredder.

Round 1 – Incursion (Kreugar)

2013-01-26 10.20.21

This was a bit of a schemozzle for me. With 2 sets of Shifting Stones I knew a double-teleport was on the cards and made sure I left a bigger than 2″ gap between Thagrosh and possible attackers – except for the turn it was needed. Ravagore spat at some Bloodweavers while Shredders ran interference. The feat turn was close, with 3 Shredders leaving the Feral Warpwolf on 1 health. Poor Typhon trampled over a Stone to get to Ghetorix, but then was short of being in melee range – those damn heads need reach! Kreugar’s feat took care of business with some FILTHY rolls by Trent (truthfully, his dice were on FIRE) and with everyone being still up, a single teleport later saw Thagrosh wishing he’d stayed in bed.

Round 2 – Overrun (Barnabas)2013-01-26 11.53.08

A good, straight-forward game for me this time around. Marc was an established Warmachine player in his meta, but was relatively new to Hordes. I’d never faced the Blindwater Congregation before, so many of these were new models for me. The Shredders did what they were there to do, and under the feat turn 4 Shredders and Typhon took out both Ironback Spitters, while the Ravagore and the remaining Shredders jammed up the lanes to Thagrosh. In the end, with no beasts, Barnabas took two Manifest Destinied, Rabid Shredders to the nethers for the win.

Round 3 – Destruction (Doomshaper1)

Round 3 - Destruction - Doomshaper1This game was against a friend of mine from Melbourne. I was a bit worried about all the armour in her list; Shredders have a hard time cracking armour 16+, especially if they have boxes too!

I knew Mulg was the assassination threat, but under the feat turn I moved the defensively placed Shredder that was blocking lanes to Thagrosh in a vain attempt to kill a Champion.

Fortunately (for me at least), Mulg at +5 damage missed two of his attacks into Thagrosh. Still, it definitely hurt and I lost 2 complete Shredders (one of which being the one I spawned) and most of Typhon to transfers. But after the assassination failed, I mopped up both beasts using the Ravagore and two Forsaken blight bombs (both beasts were on full fury) and it was a matter of time before Doomshaper was chomped. A tough game for Sarah, and she fully deserved the win.

Round 4 – Sacrifice (Rhyas)

I don’t have a photo of this game, as I was pretty wiped by then and totally forgot to take one. I’ve not played a lot of games against Rhyas, and I’m still learning Legion myself, so I knew the game would be interesting. With two minimum units of Swordsmen, the Shredders were not going to last long if they got charged, so I was hoping to open up the game long enough to get either Typhon or Thagrosh into the littlest ninja. Scott contested the flag quickly and spread his Swordsmen out in the zone so I was not able to spray/AoE them effectively and they ended up making paste of many Shredders. With dual Angelii I was not going to be able to weather charges, so I threw some Shredders in there for a round or two. Incubii popped up from the Swordsmen I was able to kill on the feat turn, which left Thagrosh surrounded with no transfers. A blight bomb later and many of them were cleared away, so Thagrosh could attempt an assassination flight. But with 3 transfers and Rapport (I really should read the cards more often!) all I was really able to do is transfer-kill an Angelius and scare Rhyas a bit before Scott cleared up all my models for a deserved win.

So, I ended the day on 2-2, which is better than normal for me. I did some good things, I did some poor things. I think I need to work on an “adult” list though, that does not rely on warbeasts so much.

Now for the real reason you are here … RANDOM PHOTO TIME!

The room fills up
The room fills up
Lovely red Mountain King
Lovely red Mountain King
Retribution with all the toys.
Retribution with all the toys.
Fine cuts indeed!
Fine cuts indeed!
We all scream for ice cream!
We all scream for ice cream!

More photos tomorrow, when I have some time to wander the tables.

Cancon 2013 – Day 1

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