Lost Hemisphere’s Most Epic Extreme Unloved Models Challenge 2013!!

I’ve decided to take part in LH’s Most Epic Extreme Unloved Model’s Challenge 2013 mainly because I like contributing to zany ideas and to paint stuff. Northblade gave me the challenge of playing Saeryn’s (not the worst caster in the faction) theme force Fallen Angels.

I spent a good 10-30mins ready the PP forums, BattleCollege, asking around and looking at what was available and based upon models I already own, things I plan to buy anyway (I’m new to the faction) and stuff to make up the tiers I came up with the following list.

Fallen Angels (Tier 3 – 35pts)

  • Saeryn, Omen of Everblight
  • Archangel
  • Angelius
  • Nephilim Protector
  • Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion
  • 2x Spell Martyrs

I get the Protector (with Respawn) to help soak up some damage against the Archangel (who burninates), the Angelius to spit and stab opposing heavies, the Hellion to do whatever it is Hellions do, and the Spell Martyrs to help Saeryn while she’s hiding behind the Archangel. Of those models, I already have a painted Angelius and Spell Martyrs, and I have an Archangel on pre-order. I was already planning on grabbing Saeryn to fill out my Warlock collection, so that leaves only the Hellion and Protector that were not on my immediate purchasing list.

Stay tuned as I collect, paint and hope to go 51% wins or better with the Fallen Angels!

Update – CRAP. Does the Archangel count as a heavy warbeast? CRAP and more CRAP. I knew it looked too easy.

Lost Hemisphere’s Most Epic Extreme Unloved Models Challenge 2013!!

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