Storm Troll

Storm Troll Front
Storm Troll (front)
Storm Troll Back
Storm Troll (back)

I finished this guy last night, having started him the night before. I think all in all it took 3-4 hours to complete. I plotted the scheme out on paper on Saturday morning, but it was not until I put down the first lightning that I realised that purple/green are strong complementary colours. They sort of work, but I’m not sure how comfortable I am with them. That may be partially due to the fact that the skin came out bluer than I had planned. My original goal was something closer to the Madrak2 commission I did at the start of the year. I’ll work on that a bit more if/when I do more troll models.

It is a fantastic sculpt and really good example of the new plastic kits that Privateer are producing. I do, however, have to get MUCH better at removing mould lines – there are some doozies down the thighs that I am embarrassed to have left.

Still not sure how to base him, I was toying with some corroded metal sheets.

Storm Troll

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