Storm Troll

Storm Troll Front
Storm Troll (front)
Storm Troll Back
Storm Troll (back)

I finished this guy last night, having started him the night before. I think all in all it took 3-4 hours to complete. I plotted the scheme out on paper on Saturday morning, but it was not until I put down the first lightning that I realised that purple/green are strong complementary colours. They sort of work, but I’m not sure how comfortable I am with them. That may be partially due to the fact that the skin came out bluer than I had planned. My original goal was something closer to the Madrak2 commission I did at the start of the year. I’ll work on that a bit more if/when I do more troll models.

It is a fantastic sculpt and really good example of the new plastic kits that Privateer are producing. I do, however, have to get MUCH better at removing mould lines – there are some doozies down the thighs that I am embarrassed to have left.

Still not sure how to base him, I was toying with some corroded metal sheets.

Storm Troll

2012 Retrospective

If you remember this post, you’ll be doing well.
In it, I described my hopes and aspirations for the year. *tear* I was so young and naive back then *sob*. Let’s see how I did.

[Achieved] Start painting for commission (likely)

I’m actually quite happy about this one. If you haven’t see it, I have a sister-blog over at Brush for Rent. While I have not kept up with the posts as I had hoped, I have been steadily taking commissions throughout the year. To date, I have commission painted:

  • Legion of Everblight (Swordsmen, Forsaken, Rhyas)
  •  Trollbloods (Madrak2)
  • Circle Orboros (Baldur2, Shifting Stones, Nuala and Bloodtrackers)
  • Minions (Maelok, Viktor Pendrake, Boneswarms)
  • Mercenaries (Ashlynn)
  • Khador (Kayazy Assassins)
  • Games Workshop (Chaos Heldrake)

And I have more work lined up for the new year.

[Achieved] Maintain this blog (likely)

More likely a fail, but I have gotten back into the swing of things in the later part of the year. It feels good to write, even if no one actually reads it.

[Failed] Have a fully painted Khador force (likely)

I came SO CLOSE! Given I picked up the Conquest this year, and that Khador are no longer my primary faction it was always going to be tough to motivate myself to finish them. I did, however finish off the 90% completed Koldun Lord. However, I did buy a Bombardier Bombshell so they almost cancel each other out. Still, I have only a Spriggan and the Bombshell to paint, so I may take them with me over Christmas break to paint.

[Failed] Have a fully painted Skorne force (likely)

I came SO CLOSE! (notice the trend here?). As of right now I still have: Gatormen Posse, Paingiver Task Master, 2x Paingiver Beast Handlers, Tyrant Commander and Standard Bearer, 4x crew of the Siege Anamantarax, Cyclops Savage (yes the battle box is still not finished) and a Cyclops Raider to paint. I did paint my Cetrati though, YAY me! 😛

I’m not sure where the year went, but it was most certainly NOT spent painting Skorne. Oh yeah, it was lost to starting a Legion army to paint! *oops*.

[Failed] Place Top-5 in a tournament of 12 or more people (possible) AND Place Top-3 in a tournament of 12 or more people (unlikely, depends who plays) AND Win a painting award at a tournament (possible)

I’m grouping these three together simply because I never attended a tournament this year. I’m not feeling competitive play at the moment, and I need to work on my basic game before I am comfortable entering. I just don’t like the tournament vibe. I’ll watch, but I don’t want to play.

[Failed] Build a 2×2 portable demonstration table (possible)

Never happened. But I did collaborate on a scenic table for Wintercon, so that has to count for something, right?

[Achieved] Become a Press-Ganger (unlikely, ACT already has two)

I’m glad this happened (took until July). Since I became a PG I’ve run a couple of demos, run some IKRPG demos (a system I do enjoy) and helped out at league nights. Next year I will start in earnest trying to reinvigorate the casual scene and run some leagues.

[So Close!] Have painted battle-boxes for Khador, Menoth, Cygnar and Cryx (likely)

I think I went backwards on this one. I have Khador and Menoth covered, but I sold my Cryx late in 2010 and never bought the Cygnar one this year. I do plan to get them next year to support my PG’ing. Given that the Retribution of Scyrah have a box now, it could be an expensive year next year.

[So Close!] Have painted war-packs for Circle, Skorne, Trollbloods and Legion (unlikely)

I’m pretty happy with this one. I have the Trollbloods box to buy, and a single Cyclops Savage to paint for Skorne. I’m toying with getting the Trollbloods to paint over Christmas since I am really feeling their models at the moment.

2012 Retrospective

Siege Animantarax

I’ve been a bit distracted on the painting front of late. After finally painting up my Cataphract Cetrati and not wanting to paint the Tyrant Commander straight away, I looked at the primed Siege Animantarax and thought “why not?”. Turns out, this model would require more than a little effort. After approx 20+ hours this is what I have so far …

Siege Animantarax
WiP Siege Animantarax

To put it in perspective, Karchev the Terrible and Behemoth each took around 20 hours to complete. Konquest took slightly less. The Animantarax has blown all other models out of the water. I simply lost track of how long I spent on it AND I STILL HAVE FOUR CREW YET TO PAINT! Not to say it is a frustrating model, it just has quite a bit of detail that I never fully appreciated until I went to paint it.

I’m am ecstatic about the whites. I tried a different approach using only Cryx Bane Highlight (CBH), Menoth White Highlight (MWH) and White, and I feel I’m really starting to get the hang of “my way” of blending. I based with MWH, then added the darkest shades with CBH. I then used progressive mixes of CMH and MWH (which produce a greyish colour when mixed) to merge the shades with the base colour. After that, I used thin layers of WMH to smooth the transitions and then hit it with the White to bring the colour back up to white.

Since tweeting this image, I’ve gained 5 new followers after being re-tweeted. I think that says a lot for how my abilities have improved over the last 3-4 years.

Siege Animantarax