Runes of War

Lately I’ve been dreaming about Trollbloods.

They were the first Hordes faction I ever picked up – well ┬áthat’s quite a narrow definition since I only every owned the war pack, Grim Angus, a Fell Caller and a Dire Troll Mauler. The models are loaded with character, and the faction has a definite “under dog” feel that gels with my aussie heritage. Not sure why I never went further. By the time I got around to considering a Hordes faction I had settled on Skorne due to their under-representation in the local meta. Since then I have sold off my war pack to help a press ganger get his stripes (silly move, considering I now need that war pack myself to complete my set), sold off most of my Circle Orboros, and somehow picked up a legion of Legion of Everblight.

And yet, I find myself drawn once more to the Kriel. Because, you know, I need another faction like I need a hole in the head.

I asked around for a tidy “all comers list” and the wisdom of the crowd came back with two lists that I quite like (one appeals to the models I like, the other to the theme force part of my brain). The one I am likely to buy, if I buy one is Doomshaper’s Runes of War theme force. Which I hear is quite popular with people who know more than me.

Runes of War

  • Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls
  • Earthborn Dire Troll
  • Mulg the Ancient
  • Janissa Stonetide
  • 4x Trollkin Runeshapers
  • Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes

I’ve priced it, and I could likely afford it if I cash in all my PG points and blow all my commission monies on it. A fair investment for a faction I’ve never played.

To purge the desire, I’m going to strip back my Mauler and Grim Angus (two of the first PP miniatures I ever painted), and along with the Storm Troll and Trollkin Kilt Lifter I’ve recently bought spend some time over Christmas painting them up. If, after all that, I still want to play some Trollbloods – I’m going to wait for the new Hordes book to come out and see what grabs me. Or just buy this list.

I am hopeless.

Runes of War