IKRPG Demo Kit

One of the main reasons I applied to become a Press Ganger with Privateer Press was to be able to demo the new Iron Kingdoms RPG.

A couple of weeks ago the sample demonstration adventure was released and I set to work on making something a bit more engaging than a flat battle map.

Here are the results:

The Black River Irregulars approach the Order of the Golden Crucible guards with caution.
The Black River Irregulars board the Sullen Wench, looking for the “Miscellaneous Surplus”.

For the Sullen Wench, the crates, ramp and cabin can be removed for storage/transport.

It didn’t take me long (long weekends without commitments help) – and I’m pretty happy with the end result. I still have to paint up the crates and character cut-out bases, and I’d like to string up some wire in the alleyway, put down some “rope” and hook up the pipes at the back of the cabin. Maybe, if I get the energy, I’ll make an actual lip around the outside of the boat too.

The next step will be to look for actual models for the demo. I have a couple of things in mind, I just have to find the cash.

IKRPG Demo Kit