MinutemanI’d been spending a couple of weeks either painting commissions, or painting army models, so it was nice to follow up the Celestial Fulcrum with another model just for no other reason than I enjoy the model. With the Thunderhead staring at me across the table I thought I’d work up to him by attempting the Minuteman – a fine example of one of the better sculpts to come out of Privateer Press.

It’s strange to think, but this is the first Warmachine model I have painted in months – certainly this year, and only the second time I have ventured into a blue palette (the first being for “Siege” a couple of years ago). I like to use the painting guides from the faction books, mainly because it makes colour choice simple, but also to see how they go as instructional pieces. The Minuteman was painted with the standard Cygnar scheme, but substituting Citadel metallics for P3 ones.

I’ve tried something new for the base too – taking inspiration from a McVey posting on the Brushthralls website I’ve used plaster to build up “concrete” slabs for the Minuteman to stand on. I’m still not sold, as it seems quite prone to chipping, and I’ve already had him come away from the base as the plaster tore. We’ll see how he endures being moved before I commit to using plaster for the base of the much heavier Thunderhead.

This model also represents my second attempt at a painting video – The Laziest Peon – Minuteman


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