Celestial Fulcrum

Celestial Fulcrum

I started this model on the 12th, and it was finished late on the 15th. Without exaggerating I can say that I enjoyed every single minute of the 12-15 hours that I spent on it.

For something of this size, I expect to spend closer to 25 hours on it (given that if I recall properly the Behemoth took the lion’s share of 20 hours) – but because it’s such a simple, elegant model with very little variation in texture it means you can get some economics of technique.

I painted the model in several stages: Stone Base, Outer Rings, Inner Sphere, Outer Spheres, and Druids.

If it was not plainly obvious – I dry-brushed close to 90% of this model. I even “cheated” and used a small household brush to do the majority of the work. Even though I sold most of my Circle earlier in the year, I chose to use the same scheme mainly because I really love it. For the gems I followed the guide in the Dominion book for painting the Fulcrum, really paying attention to how the colours would blend (blended on the palette / pseudo wet blending rather than 2 brush blending), alternating directions to feather the mix.

The runes on the central sphere and outer rings were Arcane Blue applied over a thinned wash of Menoth White Highlight.


  • Base coat – Rucksack Tan
  • Wash – 4x Ogryn Flesh (Citadel) to 1x Armor Wash
  • Dry brush – Rucksack Tan
  • Dry brush – Menoth White Base
  • Dry brush – Menoth White Highlight

Stone Base

  • Base coat – Ironhull Grey
  • Dry brush – Bastion Grey
  • Dry brush – Trollblood Highlight
  • Dry brush – Frostbite (just the edges)
  • Shade – Sanguine Base + Greatcoat Grey (just the crevasses)
Celestial Fulcrum

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