Basilisk Krea and Razorwurm

Basilisk Krea

Since it has been a while since I last posted an update, I thought I’d post a double-whammy: Basilisk Krea and Razorwurm. Both were gifts from a friend, and while I have no immediate need of the Razorwurm it is quite a simple model and a pleasure to paint. The Krea is a super model, and has already found a place in my Xerxis lists, sitting behind the Cetrati.

I used the exact same colours on both, which are a carbon copy of how I painted the Basilisk Drake. The Krea turned out darker, due to mixing the wrong combinations of Armour Wash and Blue Ink and/or not thinning it down enough. Still, side-by-side you can tell it and the Drake are the same species – which is what I was after.

Basilisk Krea and Razorwurm

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