Bam! I have finally finished my first ever full unit of small-based infantry (10 models) for myself! It only took 3 years to achieve… 😛 I began this unit a while ago, and once I had the minimum unit size (6) I put the remaining four models on the back-burner. I really should have painted the full 10 in one go, but there is just enough effort required with each model (for my Skorne, I avoid using speed painting techniques … yes, I am that stupid) that I was burnt out on painting the same thing over and over.

However, I friend wanted to use the full unit in a 100pt game that had both sides using fully painted models. And since his own Nihilators were still metal, he asked to borrow mind. There was in incentive of a free lunch thrown in, and that was more than enough for me to break out my brush and finish them. Nothing like being commissioned to paint your own models!

It was certainly a challenge to match the scheme of the final four with the initial six, but I pulled it off in the end. Primarily, because all my Skorne models are painted the same way, using the same techniques. I think the only point of slight variation is that the newer models have darker skin.

They look really good on the table, screaming up the middle. Now I just have to start using them, and positioning them properly to get the most out of them. They really benefit from a warlock like Makeda or Xerxis; Defender’s Ward goes a really long way towards their survivability, and once you get to the opposition – Carnage can take them to MAT 9, and Fury can make them P+S of 16 (I think…) which is pretty damn nice for 10 models.

With the completion of these guys, I am now down to 12 models remaining to paint for Skorne. Next up should be the Cetrati, so I can finally start playing with them, but I’m fairly sure I’ll have a Cyclops Savage painted first!


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