Basilisk Drake

I never intended to paint this model at this time. It was bought for Cancon 2012, which (due to work committments) I could not attend – and outside of that list, I didn’t have a list where it fitted. Still, I was between commissions, the Cetrati were still being assembled and I was at a loose end. Queue slapping down paint on the Drake.

Basilisk Drake

The skin was based with Bloodstone – and it looked horrible! Still, I stuck with it, and put down a thick wash of Blue Ink and Armour Wash, which REALLY added to the model. It has fantastic muscle detail which loved the wash treatment. I highlighted it back up to Bloodstone and added small highlights using Rucksack Tan. The “stones” were painted using Idrian Flesh, which kept it close to the skin colour, but different.

Its a pretty simple model, easy to assemble and quick to paint. I’m going to take it for a spin now and see how it performs.


Basilisk Drake

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