Paingiver Task Master

Paingiver Task Master

I started painting up this lass when I first got the Gatormen Posse (she was an Xmas gift from a good friend), essentially so I could use the white I was already mixing up anyway. She then stayed on the back-burner while I finished off the Boneswarm commission piece, to be taken back up again in the last week.

I do like this model – the Skorne sculpts are getting better with each release, and while she has just the right amount of detail (trim, shackles, little sashes, etc) – none of it was that tough to get to/see. Though, I do wish I had left off the mancatcher until I had painted up the sash around the waist.

She’s going to look a treat, sitting behind the Gatormen “encouraging” them to tear the opposition apart!

Paingiver Task Master

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