Formerly Known As …

Today I hosted an end-of-year BBQ to give back to those people who have made my year of (more) competitive Warmachine/Hordes enjoyable.

Originally it was going to be a 35pt tier event – but with people coming from interstate, as well as others starting new factions, there were issues about the ability of people to make competitive theme forces… so the event was changed to “The Event Formerly Known As ‘Tiers, Beers and Xmas Cheers'”. At stake – I’d buy and paint up a small-based model of their choice, oh, and bragging rights (for what that is worth).

I invited 6 of my best gaming buddies to participate in a 3-round, single list, Steamroller 2011 tournament, with an emphasis on fun over seriousness.

I pre-rolled the three rounds (so that I could prepare markers and players could tailor lists) and I came up with:

  • Clayton’s Scenario (Killbox)
  • Where’s the KaBOOM? (Destruction)
  • Survivor: Immoren (Outflank, Outfight, Outlast)

Here are the lists that they took:

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia
– Mulg the Ancient
– Dire Troll Mauler
Trollkin Champions (max) + Skaldi Bonehammer
Fennblades (min) + Fennblade Officer and Drummer

Kallus, Wrath of Everblight
– Ravagore
– Scythean
– Shredder
Blighted Nyss Grotesques (max)
Blighted Ogrun Warmongers (max)
Spell Matyr
2x Strider Deathstalker

Master Ascetic Naaresh
– Bronzeback Titan
– Titan Gladiator
– Rhinodon
Paingiver Beast Handlers (max)
Paingiver Task Master
Gatorman Posse (max)

Lord Arcanist Ossyan
– Pheonix
Arcantrik Force Generator
Dawnguard Invictors (max) + Invictor Officer and Standard Bearer
2x Mage Hunter Assassin
Mage Hunter Strike Force (min)

Thagrosh the Messiah
– Angelius
– Scythean
– Seraph
Blighted Nyss Legionnaires (max)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
Strider Deathstalker
Spawning Vessel (max)

Karchev the Terrible
– Beast-09
– Berserker
– Marauder
Battle Mechanics (max)
Kovnik Josef Grigorovich
Winter Guard Infantry (max) + Winter Guard Officer and Standard Bearer
Yuri the Axe

At the end of the day the winner was James (3-0), scoring himself a painted model of his choice. Come the new year, looks like I get to paint up Kallus.

From the sides, I watched a couple of tight games that came down to caster on caster and some really swinging rolls. At one point Andrew was averaging 4 on two dice!

Thanks to the guys (and gal) for coming along. It’s the people you play with that really make this hobby, and I’ve been fortunate to have had a stellar year of fun, learning and an overall fantastic community vibe.

I’ll leave this entry with some shots from the day. Thanks again to Cheaty for supplying terrain.

Here’s to 2012!

Formerly Known As …

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