Painting Update – Dec 2011

With the new version of iBodger, I now have a way to more easily track which of my models have been painted. While I finish up my Secret Xmas Project, I thought it’d be interesting to see how I’m progressing.

Painted Log

  • Khador – 94.1% (of 34 models)
  • Circle Orboros – 62.5% (of 32 models)
  • Legion of Everblight – 7.7% (of 13 models)
  • Skorne – 60.5% (of 43 models)
  • Trollbloods – 100% (of 2 models)
  • Mercenaries – 100% (of 2 models)
  • Minions – 100% (of 1 model)

I always thought I’d invested a lot into Khador, but I have two other factions that have close to if not more models – Circle and Skorne. Though, the numbers are skewed because the majority of my Khador are heavy warjacks, while my Skorne and Circle both have infantry.

The list doesn’t look so bad considering this year I’ve given away / sold off my Cryx, Cygnar and Trollbloods and have not included the Protectorate of Menoth that I painted for someone else.

Come 2012, lets see if I can get 100% painted!

Painting Update – Dec 2011

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