Titan Gladiator

Titan Gladiator

Apologies Internets, but I owe you some posts. I’ve been busy painting and playing, so have not had a chance to upload new photos until tonight. Here is the first shot – the Titan Gladiator. I learned a lot from painting the Bronzeback, and that meant that painting the Gladiator went a lot smoother. I undercoated in black, and it has resulted in much darker golds and an overall more menacing feel to the model. I’m also hitting my stride regarding the whites and they’re starting to look smoother (still room for improvement).

I made a custom base for this model in an attempt to raise up the tusks and alleviate the “titan problem” of sticking out too far. Its better, but still too much overhands. At least now, however, he can chomp on a small/medium based model and not put its eye out.

A fantastic model, both rule-wise and sculpt-wise, I’ve just got to get used to trying to slam things.

Next Up … Lanyssa Ryssyll

Titan Gladiator

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