Lanyssa Ryssyll

Lanyssa Ryssyll I like to wind down the painting year, and spend December knocking off casual projects. Lanyssa is one such project. I didn’t hate my previous attempt, but felt it was time to update her. Keeping Althai’s Lanyssa on the screen I gave her another bash.

I’m really happy with the skin, I started dark and worked my way up to light, and I think it’d be my “go to” method for skin on small-based models. Because your only going in one direction with your layers, you don’t have to try and hit recesses, potentially rubbing paint on the wrong areas. I’m not so happy with the hair – the decision to dry-brush it may have been the wrong one and the effect doesn’t mesh with the rest of the model. And she’s my first attempt at pulling off Object-Source-Lighting (OSL), on the glowing gems (hanging down from her waist). It’s subtle, but does look very cool. After deciding on the blue, I was not sure what colour to paint the pants/leather – I choose Umbral Umber (a really dark brown), because I wanted to keep the blue as the focus of the model. She’s essentially two-tone (with the cloak being a neutral grey), and almost “urban” in feel. You will note that I have no painted the eyes – after being happy with the face I didn’t want to ruin my good work with jabbing paint into the eye socket. One day I’ll get the courage to do it all, but not today.

Every time I look at her, I just want to paint a Cygnar army.

Up Next … … Secret Xmas Project

Lanyssa Ryssyll

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