My first (real) attempt at painting a full “cannon fodder” unit. Rather than attempt the entire unit at once, I’ve broken them down into two groups of 3, then two groups of 2 – knocking them off while painting other things (like Tyrant Xerxis, or Master Tormenter Morghoul). The unit does suffer for consistency – I’ve changed the way I paint white cloth since I did the first three, for example – but it’s getting done!

These are a nice model to break up the other Skorne with, purely because they have so little armour – and it helped me work on my Skorne flesh tones. I’m still not painting flesh as smoothly as I’d like to, but I think that painting the darkest layer first is paying off as I don’t have to go back so often and fix it up – resulting in faster models, which I think is important for units of this size. Sure, I could spend 10+ hours per model in the unit, but I’d prefer to spend 4 to 6 and not burn out.

Looking at those numbers, its quite shocking how much time I spent per model. I’d never really looked at things that way.

Next Up … Aptimus Marketh


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