Master Tormenter Morghoul

Master Tormenter Morghoul Mr Stabby was a (surprising) joy to paint. A while ago I painted up Lord Assassin Morghoul and he just annoyed me (pose looked awkward, a lot of the ‘same’ armour) – but I was surprised at how simple MTM is to paint. His weapons/arms still feel a little unnatural when posed – I get what they were trying for, but (to me) it makes his arms look too long. Perhaps if the claws were angled down from the wrist, rather than straight out from it – it may look better.

I’ve played him a couple of times and he’s a really interesting caster – good beast support and can run, jump and dice himself if needs be. Fortunately, he’s also really good at getting out of the way again so you can keep him nice and hidden. As befits a ninja-assassin-torturer.

Next Up … Nihilators…

Master Tormenter Morghoul

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