Skorne – First Impressions

I went to my FLGS last night with the intention to take my (mostly) painted Skorne out for a stroll – and they did not disappoint!
I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed playing a game this much! (and it had nothing to do with winning either)

Let’s see what I took:
Master Tormentor Morghoul
– Bronzeback Titan
– Molik Khan
Hakaar the Destroyer
Nihilators (min)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min)

And I played against:
High Exemplar Kreoss
– Vanquisher
– Repenter
– Revenger
Paladin of the Order of the Wall
Deliverers (max) / Temple Flameguard (max) + UA

The sheer number of things that I could do in a turn blew me away – it was overwhelming, but fun at the same time. I loved the damage output of the Bronzeback (Enrage + Abuse!) and the movement of Molik Khan (even after forgetting he had Fate Walker). The Nihilators were doubled-edged – after charging the Shield-Wall Flameguard they managed to kill 7 before turning on themselves and wiping out the unit (I forgot about tough!). Hakaar performed ok, but not outstanding, running behind the Nihilators. And Morghoul was a champ – ripping up whatever he could get his hands on and giggling as he sprinted away.

In the second match Kreoss was on full health (but without any focus) so Morghoul charged in (cutting himself for 1 FURY to get to max, but leaving himself on 4 health), ripped it up (missing a few times) to do ~10 points of damage from the 12 attacks. The Bronzeback then had to turn to face Kreoss (no Enrage), took two free strikes from the Revenger and Vanquisher (leaving him on 0 body and 0 spirit), missing with one fist, and needing 3 damage on the final tusk attack for the kill.

Woah that was tense/exciting!

I still have a long way to go – was using multiple beast handler abilities on the one beast – OOPS, forgetting tough/fate walker/riling/transfer/etc – but so far, it looks really promising.

I cannot wait to play again.

Skorne – First Impressions

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