Capital Carnage – Conclusion


Apologies for my unsteady hand as I write this final missive from the tailgate of one of our wagons. The proud few who return to the Motherland will never forget the battles, permanently scared by the monstrous tides that sought to envelope our entrenched position. Forgiveness Kommandant, as I find my mind addled by sedatives and begin to wax lyrical like an Ordic piper.

Intelligence garnered by the Old Witch (how, I do not dare to ask) suggested that the minions of Everblight had unearthed a cache of Orgoth technologies in the Inner North. Having quickly taken the zone they had withdrawn their forces while they worked at extracting the unknown cache and assimilating it. Kommander Kratikoff believes this to be why the Skorne were also quick to establish a foothold in Tuggeranong, and the Trollbloods to have conquered Belconnen. If the Witch is to be believed, what was discovered was uniquely suited to tapping the primal nature of the world to boost the capabilities of the wielder a thousand fold – hence a lack of awareness by Cygnar, Menoth and Cryx. Fortunately, Khador intelligence surpasses that of our contemporaries and under instruction of Kommanders Kratikoff and Karchev we uprooted our wilderness camp in the Lanyon Valley and travelled en masse to thwart the forces of darkness.

As we crossed the Tuggeranong and Woden regions the lands were quiet, not a single Skorne or Legion trooper could be found. Even the winds, which until this moment had been howling and raging for some time, were still as if the world clung to a precipice and awaited a portentous event. We would soon learn why.

Arriving into the Inner North, we were immediately set upon by Lord Hexeris and Archdominar Makeda, and our forces were hard-pressed to stem the tide. Sorscha dug in, and through a series of direct strikes was able to destroy enough of the Skorne beasts to have Makeda flee the field. Similarly, Karchev’s forces slaughtered many beasts, only to be harrowed and almost defeated by a force of lowly swordsman. It was at this time, that Kommander Karchev drew upon his held anger, forcing the very earth to explode around him and fuel his engines in a battery of axe-strikes that left Lord Hexeris weaping at his feet. But, the Skorne are a canny foe and had yet more reserves than we anticipated. Makeda rallied and immediately struck out for the Orgoth cache, forcing Karchev to post a last ditch defence to halt her advance – in the end succumbing to a bombard of titan fists. But it was sufficient to deny the Archdomina enough time to challenge Everblight.

Meanwhile, the ill-informed “forces” of the Circle Orboros, having spotted our wounded troops leaving the Inner North came to the conclusion that we were a direct threat to the balance of the world and struck. Kaya, called the Moonhunter, lept from the trees to attempt to catch Sorscha unware – but with an icy resolve Kommander Sorscha dug in and defeated the misguided child.

Kommandant, I have had word that the gambit to lure Cygnar into the fight has worked. Brisbane was seen harrassing the Messiah of Everblight – losing much of his force in the attempt, but with sufficient enough of a threat to lure Thagrosh away from the Inner North as we marched. Fortunately Everblight was so incensed at the affront, that he chased Siege all the way to Gungahlin, where he was in turn set upon by the Devil of Thornwood.

As I return to the temporary fortress in Lanyon Valley, I can only hope that the forces we left behind in the Inner North are valiant enough to hold off both the Legion and the Skorne empires and secure the orgoth cache from those that would use it for our destruction. Only time will tell.

For the Motherland!
Ternion Ralic Hvrgart

Capital Carnage – Conclusion

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