Molik Khan

This time around, it’s Mr Silver Bullet, aka leader of the Molik Faction in Hordes … Molik Khan!

Molik Khan

For a heavy warbeast this guy was surprisingly easy to paint. Plenty of detail, but lots of big areas too. I started Molik last Monday, taking him to a painting day at my friendly-not-quite-local-gaming-store. On that day I slapped down the whites and started the reds, and during the week I did a couple of sessions to lay down the blue, gold and detail.

I’m a lot happier with the armour on this guy, compared to Tyrant Xerxis. I glazed a couple of layers, then chose to paint straight Bastion Grey into the deeper recesses. I think it also helped that I took my time and really worked on getting the primary base colour as smooth as I could, knowing that I was going to have heaps of flat areas.

This is also the first official model with the new “blue” scheme. I tested it out on some Nihilators, but as they don’t have a lot of armour to begin with, they were not going to be idea test subjects. I’m a lot happier with the blue/white contrast than I was with the orange/white contrast – so it looks as though I’ll be going back over old models and touching them up. On the positive side, its only a matter of laying down some Underbelly Blue, washing with a thinned Blue Ink and then a touch-up/drybrush with the blue once more.

Next Up … Master Tormenter Morghoul, and some more Nihilators.

Molik Khan

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