Capital Carnage – Week 5


I am pleased to report that a company of Widowmakers have successfully removed the impediments to our lines of communication. As such, orders from High Kommand have gotten through and we were able to coordinate our efforts in the Lanyon Valley. Details at the scene indicate that the Skorne Empire was pushing out of Tuggeranong so Kommanders Karchev and Harevich were mobilised and sent to intercept.

Karchev’s forces ran into a highly mobile army headed by Lord Assassin Morghoul, supported by enslaved Gatormen. Morghoul’s forces approached quickly, and had apparently no problems infiltrating our lines. However Karchev drew his Warjacks closer and weathered the storm – support staff indicate that Morghoul was somewhat curbed by the Hand of Fate and an assured assassination attempt on Karchev was denied. When the dust had settled, the Skorne forces had been turned back, with minimal losses to the Motherland. In the second battle, Harkevich was severely harassed by Void Seer Mordikaar who continually used dark energies to return his swordsmen to life, blocking our attempts to secure the objectives.

We understand that Lanyon Valley is now at a precipice – with the wind behind us, we believe that we are capable in securing the valley for the Motherland before it is lost to all in the grasp of the Nightmare Empire.

For the Motherland!
Ternion Ralic Hvrgart

P.S. A memorial service will be held tomorrow for Karchev’s war dog – who had been with him for several campaigns.

Capital Carnage – Week 5

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