Tyrant Xerxis

Tyrant Xerxis

Tyrant Xerxis is large and in charge, as befits a Cataphract. I don’t mind this model – it is trying to be dynamic, but feels like he’s falling forward. Then again, swinging those two clubs cannot be the easiest of things to achieve.

I switched things away from the orange cloth by incorporating Skorne Red onto the cloak. I like Skorne Red as a colour – its like an orangey-red and after a few coats comes out really smooth over black. However, it did not come out so crash-hot on the back-flags. Likely because the further I got into the model the more I felt like I was rushing – thus making mistakes.

About 2 months into painting Skorne, and I’m starting to not like the scheme. The white is coming out very messy, and perhaps painting the shades rather than using a wash is working against me. I have to work on my glazes more, as they aren’t working on large, flat surfaces as I would have hoped. I might paint a test-Nihilator in some different colours and see if something appeals to me more. Then again, stripping back 2 months of effort does not appeal to me at all. The scheme works when you see the army as a whole, but doesn’t work (to me) individually.


Up Next … Nihilators

Tyrant Xerxis

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