Capital Carnage – Week 3


As we near the end of the campaign, I fear repercussions from the Empress as our success is not what we would have hoped.
Our lines of communication may have been infiltrated, as communiques from Kommander Sorscha indicated that we should attack the Lanyon Valley with all available troops.
Results would suggest that this was a ploy for the Nightmare Empire to add our troops as fuel for it’s nefarious schemes.

But I get ahead of myself. With many of our officers pulled away on other missions, the campaign was left to Karchev and Sorscha to achieve. At one point, scouts inform me, Karchev was involved with several back-to-back skirmishes; one against Master Tormenter Morghoul, one against Lt Kara Sloan and a final ambush from the Queen of the Broken Coast (with rumours of an additional run-in with Tyrant Xerxis). While Sorscha had a protracted fight against Jarl (a newly risen Trollblood vagrant from the Thornwood).

Morghoul appears to have been sent by the Supreme Archdomina to cripple our warjack production – employing the traitor Orin Midwinter and a fiendish “Agoniser” to devastating effect. See attached requisition for the Greylords to create more cortices to replace those lost. After being attended by a rear support unit of Battle Mechaniks, Karchev was tasked to hold a hill of dubious strategic importance – which he did admirably, despite a rain of gunfire from the Cygnaran elite. Credit must be given to the Greylord Covenant who summoned blizzards to combine with the heavy rain and screen our forces from Sloan. While not inflicting heavy losses, Karchev’s forces held the higher ground without contest. I offer condolences to the widow of Drakhun Pytor, who drew the bulk of Sloan’s gunfire and held out longer than would have been expected. While establishing a foot-hold in Lanyon, Karchev was set upon by Skarre – who having been given both the Nightmare and Death Jack as well as the newly discovered Wraith Engine, dealt another savage blow to the Empire and solidified Cryx’s hold on the valley.

On the other side of the valley, Kommander Sorscha struggled to hold back the fury of Mulg the Ancient, who was under the direction of Jarl. Care should be taken with our communications, as reports indicate Sorscha failed to receive the order to destroy all dire trolls until late in the battle. Fortunately, Jarl was ill-prepared for the icy gaze of Sorscha and my Kossites inform me that she was successful.

This was a week of struggle. No new territories were claimed, though the Skorne Empire has seemingly subjugated Tuggeranong, the Mercenary skum have left Belconnen to be contested while they push south into Weston. The Blight that affected the Inner North last week has cleared, and we expect the push from Everblight to be swift in the final days of the campaign.

For the Motherland!
Ternion Ralic Hvrgart

Capital Carnage – Week 3

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