Archdomina Makeda & Master Ascetic Naaresh

Archdomina Makeda

After the fun of the Bronzeback Titan, I thought I’d tackle two Warlocks in the same week!
One was for a game that never happened today, and the other was for the Paint the Target event on Lost Hemisphere.

Master Ascetic Naaresh

Part way through the week I was not entirely happy with these models. The white wasn’t working for me, and the gold was just giving me the shits in general. Today, after putting together Tyrant Xerxis, I realised that it was the orange that wasn’t working out – so I switched it over to be Skorne Red. It invalidates the models to date, but I can always go back if the orange looks out of place on them. I think the switch will help me blend on larger areas of armour/cloth – like that found on Xerxis.

Archdomina Makeda & Master Ascetic Naaresh

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