Capital Carnage


You requested that I observe the contested region of Canberra and report on the strength and position of opposing forces.

From my position over the Woden Valley things look decidedly grim for the Motherland. Everblight spreads his blight far and wide and has already claimed several zones for his diabolical plans. While our forces are equal in size to those of the Legion, constant infighting in the ranks and incursions by smaller nations has meant that we, as yet, have not achieved the level of success mandated by her Empress.

Freezing winds from the Lanyon Valley brought late snow, delaying my force’s arrival on the field of battle. From reports handed to me by my scouts, the Legion have used their natural resilience to the cold to carve a nation right across the Canberra region, claiming Weston, Woden and the Inner North. As you are aware, this means that they control the Industrial, Barracks and a Coal depot – all regions ear-marked by Kommand for our immediate seizure. As of last evening, the Legion now control (but are heavily contested in) the magical sites in Gungahlin and the Tuggeranong Wasteland. An insignificant force of Mercenaries “protects” Belconnen – something we assumed would occur quickly.

As to our forces; they are scattered and without leadership. In response to ongoing hostilities between them, I witnessed Orsus Zoktavir challenge Karchev to a grudge match in the Tuggeranong region – and while Karchev was triumphant, the cost to our forces was immense. Kommander Strakhov lead a strike force into Legion controlled zones, but was halted by a small Menoth force lead by the Harlot of Menoth. Reports from my Kossite allies have reported that Strakhov was captured, but dealt the Zealots a savage blow by disabling the Avatar. I am yet to hear from the two other expeditionary forces, but from all reports the Legion capitalises while the rest of us squabble over their scraps.

I have sent out emissaries to leaders of the Skorne, Trollbloods and, using contacts of the Old Witch, Circle Orboros. I am hoping we can induce the savages into attacking the Legion directly; allowing us time to bring forth more recruits to strengthen our position before the assault that is sure to come. Rumours gathered in Belconnen indicate the the Legion High Command is being withdrawn. Given their successes to date, I find it strange that they are withdrawing and I treat this information with scepticism.

A wounded scout has just entered my tent, and reports that the Old Witch was successful in edging Madrak Ironhide closer to his destiny as the World Ender. By taunting the spirit of the axe, we are hoping to drawn forth the beast within and point this force of nature straight down Everblight’s throat. The sacrifice of our troops will be remembered. As always, the machinations of the Witch astound.

I await further instructions,
For the Motherland!

Ternion Ralic Hvrgart

Capital Carnage is a Shattered Grounds inspired Warmachine/Hordes league, and set in the Canberra region. You can track its progress at the Cheaty McShayne blog.

Capital Carnage

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