Onward, to James-Con!

In an effort to get better at playing Warmachine I’ve decided to go down to James-Con on the weekend. James-Con is one of those “not sure what to call it, but James is organising it and it’ll probably be only 10 or so players, so lets jokingly call it James-Con – crap, the name stuck, now it’s looking to be ~30players!” events. At 50pts of Steamroller, its WAAAY outside my comfort zone – but we have to try these things, right?

Let’s not get carried away though – I’m still going for fun, so this is the list I’ll be taking.

Karchev the Terrible

  • Behemoth
  • Torch
  • Berserker
  • Destroyer
  • 2x Kodiak
  • War Dog
Yep, not very good – but should be intimidating. I’ve got 2 ranged ‘jacks to give me some ability to smoosh infantry, and the Kodiaks can throw things and burn with steam, so they might help with scenarios. It really is a bad list, but we’ll see. I should run some infantry, but I don’t care to with Khador.
Stay tuned, I’ll post up some reports after Sunday.
Onward, to James-Con!

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