Curse you Cyclops Brute!

Because of your cool pose and nifty scheme I’ve been drawn to paint my Paingiver Beast Handlers. And what’s a Beast Handler to do without a Heavy Warbeast to whip into shape?
Things snowballed from there, and I’ll soon have …

Warlocks: Archdomina Makeda, Tyrant Xerxis
Warbeasts: Bronzeback Titan
Units: Nihilators, Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer

And on the list …

Warlocks: Master Tormenter Morghoul
Warbeasts: Titan Gladiator, 2x Cyclops Savage
Units: Cataphract Cetrati

I really only want to play Makeda and Xerxis, but for a little over the cost of the Gladiator, I get Morghoul and 2x Savages – so its a steal. Reading various forums, websites and opinion pieces, I think I’ve got some models that work well with each other, and can be mixed with the Paingiver Bloodrunners I already own.

When it comes to Skorne, I really dig their military fluff (more than the “pain” fluff) and I’m drawn to the three warlocks that I think are doing it for the Skorne Empire, not their own agendas; Makeda, Morghoul and Xerxis. I don’t think it is a coincidence that all three are linked in the fluff.

While I now have a metric s**t-tonne of models now to paint, I don’t want to rush painting them. My current approach is to paint what I want, when I want and it worked for the Brute, so I want to continue with that casual agenda. On the table at the moment are the Beast Handlers, and they could be done in a couple of weeks (I lose a week due to travel for work). After that I may do the Bronzeback (LOVE that model).

Before that happens though … I need more bases …

… curses!


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