Cyclops Brute

On Saturday I finished this little fella..

Cyclops Brute

I’d used similar colours when painting up my Bloodrunners, but with a new configuration. I’d read a really good article on painting white and wanted to try it out, so in the face of all that is sensible, I painted the white first. Which made painting the black cloth next really tricky … I like the approach of using glazes for the white, and its certainly easier to work with than using 2-brush blending, with similar results. The green gemstone was done using a tutorial from the Forces of Hordes – Skorne faction book, and for my first attempt I think it turned out nicely. At some point I was going to try free-hand on the banner, but thought better of it in the end.

Overall, I love this model – its a very calm, stalwart pose for a awesome light warbeast. I think I could tighten/clean up my execution on the whites, and do a bit more work on the metals (which never seem to work out how they appear in my head).

Up Next: Paingiver Beast Handlers

Cyclops Brute

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