Battle Report – Karchev vs Ravyn

Over the weekend I played a 25pt match vs my good mate Nath.

I ran:
Karchev the Terrible
– Torch
– Berserker
– Berserker
– Juggernaut
– War Dog

He ran:
Ravyn, Eternal Light
– Hydra
– Hydra
Dawnguard Invictors (min) + UA
Heavy Rifle Team
Mage Hunter Assassin

Still learning Karchev, I decided to try my Sidearms-Brick tactic and hopefully (slowly) get up the field weathering all the shots that’d be coming my way, so I placed Karchev front and centre and surrounded him with bodies, keeping Torch and the Juggernaut up there. Bad idea. I should have put the cheaper Berserkers in front and kept Karchev safe – because at the end of his second turn Karchev was already down to half health. Still, I got my act together and eventually put the Berserkers out there as a screen, and I think they died without getting an attack.

In the end, both Berserkers were wrecked, both Hydras (Torch got one!) were wrecked and so was the Juggernaut. With no options, Ravyn charged Karchev with Vortex of Destruction and fell short and took axe-to-face for her troubles.

Good Tactic: Using the Mage Hunter Assassin as a speed hump. It kept me jammed up and stopped me from easily using Tow to fling ‘Jacks around, never mind the fact that she ignores the bonus to Defense and Armour that Karchev has from camping focus and using Sidearms – oh and with 4″ of Reach too.

MVP: Torch. With 3 focus under Unearthly Rage is there anything he cannot wreck in a single activation? I am so enjoying this Warjack, my favourite purchase so far, sorry Behemoth.

“Meh” Moment: Again, it seems like my list is a Karchev delivery system. I inevitably end up camping focus and doing it myself.

Battle Report – Karchev vs Ravyn

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