Irusk 15pts

I’ve finally finished my first MK2 15pt Warmachine Army: Irusk. I hope to take a photo of it in action on the weekend. But here’s the list none-the-less…

Warcaster: Kommandant Irusk
3x Iron Fang Uhlan
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator

The plan is to throw Superiority on the Kodiak and let it fly at the opposing heavies. Battle Lust can go on the Uhlans, while Fenris can get the Iron Flesh. Reinholdt is really just to round out the points, get me some measures and help Irusk shoot stuff.

Its the first Warmachine Army I’ve actually thought about and planned. I have a 25pt version, but I haven’t finished painting that yet.

Irusk 15pts

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