Irusk – Impressions

I played my 4th and 5th games of Warmachine on the weekend, running a temporary version of my Irusk 25pt list (substituting a Spriggan for the Demos+Drakhun). I lost both games, but learnt a lot.

Firstly, the lists I faced, which just happened to be 25pt Hordes MKII lists…
* Skorne (Morghoul,  Cyclops Savage, Cyclops Brute, Gladiator, Paingivers, Ferox, Totem Hunter)
* Legion of Everblight (Epic Thagrosh, Typhon, Nephilim Soldier, Warmongers)

Morghoul smashed me. I over extended and mis-played my forces. On the positive side, I learned the benefits of Inhospitable Ground for removing the counter-charge. Irusk was too far from the Uhlans to give them Iron Flesh OR Battle Lust. Fenris got charged and smashed.

Second game was much better for me. I still lost – but I had a smashing turn where I feated, and used Battle Lust on the Uhlans to give them fearless and a charge against the Warmongers. Fenris + Feat is good, but if I could pull it off then Fenris + Feat + Battle Lust is TOO SWEET. I should have had Fenris charge the Warmonger, then Berserk onto the Nephilim, but at least this time he got to swing. My ‘jacks didn’t do a lot – so I’m still learning to use them. In the end Irusk charged Thagrosh with Assault – but after shunting didn’t have a chance.

The second game was a good learning experience. My opponent deliberately lead with some bait (Warmonger Captain) which I recognised and then we had a discussion on how to counter the bait. This, in the end, resulted in my Feat+Charge turn.

I’m now not sure on my 15 and 25pt lists. The Uhlans really only have one action, charge. They need to then, somehow, get into another charge to really do anything. I need to keep them for hitting a ‘jack or tough solo. The Spriggan is my anti-heavy ‘jack. And I’m not sure what Kodiak is there for – I may run Devastator instead. My lists don’t really have anything to tie up an opposing unit – maybe the Demolition Corps will help – it remains to be seen.

I enjoy Irusk – he has some flexibility, being able to support any of the parts of my force. I may toy with running pButcher instead. We’ll see. I still have to paint up the Drakhun and the Demos before I even think about doing something new.

Irusk – Impressions

Irusk 15pts

I’ve finally finished my first MK2 15pt Warmachine Army: Irusk. I hope to take a photo of it in action on the weekend. But here’s the list none-the-less…

Warcaster: Kommandant Irusk
3x Iron Fang Uhlan
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator

The plan is to throw Superiority on the Kodiak and let it fly at the opposing heavies. Battle Lust can go on the Uhlans, while Fenris can get the Iron Flesh. Reinholdt is really just to round out the points, get me some measures and help Irusk shoot stuff.

Its the first Warmachine Army I’ve actually thought about and planned. I have a 25pt version, but I haven’t finished painting that yet.

Irusk 15pts