Since I don’t get to play the WoW TCG as often as I like, I’ve decided to consolidate my decks and just focus on maintaining a half dozen or so. I can then focus on getting cards that improve just those decks and avoid having to buy a lot of boxes and rares and the like. Here are the Heroes that I’m going to focus on:

Moala Stonebinder, Draenei Shaman, Enhancement
Ressa Shadeshine, Gnome Rogue, Combat
Kauno Stonehoof, Tauren Druid, Feral
Morn Walks-the-Path, Tauren Hunter, Survival
Erondra Frostmoon, Night Elf Death Knight, Unholy
Exaura the Cryptkeeper, Undead Mage, Arcane

Of the decks, only Prometha (and maybe Erondra) is likely to be competitive in a tournament. The others are for raids and fun formats. As I build each deck I’ll make a post about it and give you an idea of what I included certain cards. Half of what makes a deck appealing is the art, and I like the art on each of these cards. The other half sticks to a theme, and the third half is about being competitive.


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