Since I don’t get to play the WoW TCG as often as I like, I’ve decided to consolidate my decks and just focus on maintaining a half dozen or so. I can then focus on getting cards that improve just those decks and avoid having to buy a lot of boxes and rares and the like. Here are the Heroes that I’m going to focus on:

Moala Stonebinder, Draenei Shaman, Enhancement
Ressa Shadeshine, Gnome Rogue, Combat
Kauno Stonehoof, Tauren Druid, Feral
Morn Walks-the-Path, Tauren Hunter, Survival
Erondra Frostmoon, Night Elf Death Knight, Unholy
Exaura the Cryptkeeper, Undead Mage, Arcane

Of the decks, only Prometha (and maybe Erondra) is likely to be competitive in a tournament. The others are for raids and fun formats. As I build each deck I’ll make a post about it and give you an idea of what I included certain cards. Half of what makes a deck appealing is the art, and I like the art on each of these cards. The other half sticks to a theme, and the third half is about being competitive.


Return of the Peon

I think its time to dust off the ole blog.

I no longer play WoW, but I still follow what’s happening over there, and will likely give it another shot at some stage, maybe around Cataclysm.

I’m going to expand this blog to include Warmachine and Hordes, two games I’m loving painting miniatures for – and just getting into. Trust me to start up again just before the rulesets changes to MK2.

I’ve got a gallery of my efforts to date over at:, and whenever I update something over there, I’ll also update it here.

Stay tuned.

Return of the Peon