Kara Fun/Mad Run

Every so often NZ Gamers goes a little loopy. At the moment they’re doing a series of Kara Fun Runs; 3 hours, few stops, all bosses. I think it started as a way to get some last remaining gear upgrades – but its become a competition. Two teams ran Kara last night, each trying to kill the bosses faster than the other team. There were some pretty impressive times.

It was also Huchin’s first time healing Kara. (First time IN Kara for that matter). He was paired up with an experienced Druid healer and between the two of them they managed to keep the team mostly upright.

For me, it was a mad, chaotic frenzy. I was clicking buttons, shift-clicking new targets, spamming Chain Heal, using Healing Wave and chugging potions. I forget how many times I went OOM – but it was sadly too often. Naturally, I got some awesome gear upgrades – from memory I got Shoulders, Gloves and Pants, plus a Ring and some off-spec gear.

From the WWS report, I’ve learnt that I do a lot of over-heal. I don’t downheal, so that is likely the cause – I tend to ‘panic’ and heal someone when they get to 1.7k damage – since I know its likely they’ll get more by the time the heal eventually casts – and a lot of bouncing chain heals tend to heal people more than they need. I also focused most of my attention of the MT and the OT – not sure if this was the plan or not.

It was a great experience, and I hope to be able to do it again. Though I’d like to be the raid heal, rather than the MT heal – that’s just nuts.

Kara Fun/Mad Run