I find myself an interesting intersection of late. The guild that I am in is great – they have a focus, a plan, are relatively harmonious, and social. The GLs are open and understanding and provide great instruction in instances.

But they’re moving too fast for me.

I’m a ‘casual’ player, which means a lot of things to many people. To me, it means that I’m unwilling to devote my life to WoW. I play when I can, and dont bend RL events to suit a MMO. This is causing some internal friction because I’m mentally still learning Kara, but the guild has moved onto Serpentshrine Cavern. While I would be accepted into a raid, I dont feel like I’m geared enough to contribute as much as I should be. I’m really only averaging 250dps, and I need to be pushing 400+.

What started out as a casually raiding guild seems to have turned into a raid-focused guild. I feel left behind because I cannot commit the same amount of time as the other players.

I’ll likely stay in the guild, but give myself some smaller, non-raid, goals to work on. I need to cash up in order to work on Enchanting, and look at gearing myself up with enchants and gems before I try to get back into the raids. I’d also like to get Exalted with Scryers, but that might be a slow one as I cant get time to find groups that often.

Still the setting and completing of goals is the enjoyment, and rather than try to be like everyone else, I should focus on what makes me happy.


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