High King Maulgar and the Chamber of Bad Pulls

(this was an older post that I forgot to publish)

Last weekend NZ Gamers raided Gruul’s Lair for effectively the first time. We managed to scrap together 23 decently geared characters, pug’d a 24th and ran with that. With a crisp and detailed set of instructions we let fly!

… and promptly ran away! It was our Mage-Tank’s first try at Krosh, and I dont envy him that responsbility. Several pulls later we down Krosh and Olim, then the Main Tank falls and we flee! A frustrating hour goes by, and people are starting to get antsy. Still, we persevere and in time it all clicks and we down the High King and his minions.


With 30 mins until the scheduled end of the raid, we decide to poke our head into Gruul’s Lair and see what he’s been eating. Again, our GL/RL gives some clear instructions and we hover our fingers over “1” and wait for the signal…

… which is apparently an undead priest jumping about. Rushed, we give it a shot anyways. Wipe. Second attempt goes much better, and we last until Growth 14, when we’re wiped with Gruul at 18%. Still, a success – its not a hard fight, you just have to be on your toes. Its likely much harder for the tanks and healers, but as I’m DPS I dont have to think, just move occasionally.

In other news, Tanarel gets a loan from the Bank and buys her Epic Flying Mount – WHOOSH! Flying around Netherstorm has never been so much fun. Now to pay back the loan before they take her house…

High King Maulgar and the Chamber of Bad Pulls


I find myself an interesting intersection of late. The guild that I am in is great – they have a focus, a plan, are relatively harmonious, and social. The GLs are open and understanding and provide great instruction in instances.

But they’re moving too fast for me.

I’m a ‘casual’ player, which means a lot of things to many people. To me, it means that I’m unwilling to devote my life to WoW. I play when I can, and dont bend RL events to suit a MMO. This is causing some internal friction because I’m mentally still learning Kara, but the guild has moved onto Serpentshrine Cavern. While I would be accepted into a raid, I dont feel like I’m geared enough to contribute as much as I should be. I’m really only averaging 250dps, and I need to be pushing 400+.

What started out as a casually raiding guild seems to have turned into a raid-focused guild. I feel left behind because I cannot commit the same amount of time as the other players.

I’ll likely stay in the guild, but give myself some smaller, non-raid, goals to work on. I need to cash up in order to work on Enchanting, and look at gearing myself up with enchants and gems before I try to get back into the raids. I’d also like to get Exalted with Scryers, but that might be a slow one as I cant get time to find groups that often.

Still the setting and completing of goals is the enjoyment, and rather than try to be like everyone else, I should focus on what makes me happy.