Progress Report

Tanarel is well and truely level 70, and feverishly working on the gold for the Epic Flying Mount. After considering what Plucker has left in the kitty, she’s about 1k short (after Varcylon pays her back). Which, considering I average about 100g everytime I do the dailies (and counting repair costs for raids) – its about 10 days until I can afford it. So closer to 3 weeks, depending on how often I can get on.

Huchin should hopefully have enough rested XP saved up for me to get him to 56 this weekend (hopefully tonight). I think he’ll be heading out to the Plaguelands as he still has the cauldron quest chain to do, and beasties to kill in the East.

I guess that leaves Winterspring as the place for the “final push” in a few weeks. I might try to find somewhere else, I’m sick of Winterspring.

Progress Report

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