I realised last night that I had been neglecting the blog (other things have come up). I still have that LP article on Travel to write, which I hope to get to this week. In the interim, here is a progress report on my MMO toons.

Plucker – Stalled. I think I’ve done everything I want to do with her, sans getting to 375 Engineering and making that gun. I’m just not in the mood to grind out ore.
Tanarel – Paused at 60. I’m waiting for some friends to catch up. Tan hit 300 Cooking over the weekend, to go with the 302 Skinning (man that takes a LONG time to skill up), and 355 Tailor. She’s accepted the quest to learn Spellfire Tailoring, in order to make the Wrath of Spellfire set (eventually). Now to try to get a level 60 to Netherstorm to complete the quest. Tan is also now Scryer aligned, to get access to the Spellthread they have. I’ve settled on Arcane as my primary specification, with a sub-spec into Frost once I get access to Arcane Blast and Ice Lance post-60. Tan has also tried some Warsong Gulch PvP Battlegrounds, and will try to get a BG mount soonish.
– Hu had a great weekend, scoring 5 levels. He’s now level 35, and so tantalisingly close to Dual-Wield. He’s started coming into his own since he got access to Windfury Weapon, and a 1.8sec Axe from the Scarlet Monastery Library. It makes such a difference to fighting with a 2h weapon, that was too slow for me. I hope to get Huchin to 40 by the end of the week.


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